The Oblivion Guard
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The Oblivion Guard
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May 2021
Ranking Table

The Divine Staircase:

     Like almost all clans we are subjected to a Hierarchy. See how to Raise the Divine Staircase below. If you find yourself unable to overtake one of your superiors, recruiting can also speed up your next promotion.

Tier 3
 The Oblivion Throne 

  The king of Oblivion who controls everyone and everything in his grasp. This rank is un-achievable.
 The Oblivion Liege 

  The king of Oblivion Overseers. They make sure everything that has been set by the king is followed. They show a strong commitment to the clan.

Tier 2
 The Guard 

 Responsible for all the members under spawn rank. They show commitment to the clan.

  The oblvion king's minions set out to do all the dirty work. Default rank.

Here in The Oblivion Guard, we like to be organised and well known by other clans, so we have these rules that you must follow:

  1. No Spamming. Sentences under 2 words are considered spam and will be deleted.
  2. Disrespecting other clan members even of lower ranks will get you punished.
  3. Follow all the orders of any member of higher rank. If the order is against the clan or is an order to hurt the clan, report the user to Fall of Troy, or Deadly Molecue.
  4. Taking anything from our clan site, and posting it on another site without permission, will get you punished.
  5. Do not harass any members, even if lower rank.
  6. Follow all the rules if you do not wish to get banned.